Does Your Wet Room Need a New Shower Door Installation in Southington, CT?

Wet rooms have become increasingly common throughout the United States. They’re slightly different than a traditional bathroom. In a traditional bathroom, the shower is set into a bathtub or in a separate shower tray. That tray is lower or higher than the rest of the bathroom to contain the water. It adds construction costs and takes up space. A wet room is a room that doesn’t have separate shower trays or bathtubs. Instead, your shower is set into one wall and the rest of the floor is on the same level. A slight slope in the floor drives water to the drains. In that case, your shower doors are incredibly important. If you need a shower door installation, you should consider hiring a qualified professional.

Frameless Doors

Glass shower doors come in many different styles. One of the most popular for a shower door installation services in Southington, CT is a frameless glass door. This is a door that is made without metal components around it. Frameless doors are perfect for wet rooms because a wet room is all about space and openness. The frameless door helps to create an image of openness that is undisturbed by the shower door frame.

If you hire a bathroom remodeling service, you might want something a little more clearly delineated between the rest of the room and the shower itself. You should ask the professionals at James J Rybczyk Plumbing & Heating & Air Conditioning Inc in Southington, CT. about the options for framed or semi-framed glass doors.

Framed and Semi-Framed

A framed shower door installation is a great choice if you want to make a clear demarcation between the rest of the wet room and the shower. Also, the metal of the frame gives you some opportunities to match it with different parts of the wet room. For example, gray stone flooring would match well with a chrome door frame.


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