When Do You Need Septic Tank Pumping in Cedar Rapids, IA?

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Septic Tank


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Generally, it is said that you need septic tank pumping every three to five years, but that’s a pretty large range. How do they come up with those numbers? Well, a septic tank is designed as a sort of ecosystem not unlike a compost pile. The waste in your septic tank separates into a layer of solids at the bottom, water in the middle, and oils at the top. In the middle of the tank, a drainage valve drains the water into the drainfield where microbes break down its constituent elements. That’s why the grass around your septic tank might be greener than the rest of your grass. It is essentially being fed compost.

However, that process can become interrupted if the solid waste clogs the drainage valve. That can cause backups and sewage leaks. You’ll need to have it drained before then.

100 Gallons Per Person

The typical rule of thumb is that you need to consider that each person produces about 100 gallons of waste every year. Therefore, if you have a 1500-gallon septic tank and a family of four, you’ll need septic tank pumping in Cedar Rapids, IA every four years or so. That number will obviously differ depending on your habits and your family. If you have small children, you’ll produce less waste. If you have a compost pile or you throw all of your food waste into the garbage, you’ll produce less waste.

You can get in touch with plumbers to see what kinds of septic tank services are available.

Finding Your Tank

If you live in a new house or you simply can’t remember where your tank is, experts can find the tank for you before they perform the septic tank pumping. There are different methods for finding where the tank might be located.

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