3 Reasons to Schedule Regular Septic Tank Cleaning Services

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Septic Tank


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Millions of homeowners still use septic systems instead of municipal sewer services. On-site septic systems are affordable and effective, but they do need routine care in order to stay efficient. Fortunately, there are businesses that offer Septic Tank Cleaning Services designed to avert or repair a range of problems. Regular professional care helps to prevent foul odors and stops waste from spilling into yards. It can also stop indoor plumbing backups.

Cleaning Prevents Unpleasant Odors

Persistent indoor or outdoor foul odors often signal the need for Septic Tank Cleaning Services. The smells can be signs of broken pipes or might indicate that septic tanks are not functioning correctly. A septic system consists of a buried tank that collects waste which runs into from the home’s plumbing. Solid waste falls to the bottom and becomes sludge or floats to the top. Liquids drain into a leach field which removes impurities. If tanks become full the system cannot do its job and untreated liquid causes a stench. Professional cleaning often solves the problem.

Septic Cleaning Protects Against Health Hazards

Homeowners who notice consistently wet or slushy areas near their leach fields also schedule septic tank services, often via sites like Website.com. Mushy ground, especially if it has an unpleasant smell, is often a sign that leach field pipes have clogged with debris. Unfortunately, the problem is a sign that solid waste is accumulating and becoming a health hazard. Technicians can examine the entire septic system, including pipes and the buried tank and then identify the issue. Solutions could involve anything from pumping the tank to replacing the drain field.

Routine Service Keeps Plumbing Efficient

Another sign of septic troubles is plumbing that constantly backs up or is slow. The problem occurs when a tank gets too full or clogged pipes will not allow waste to pass. If the problem is not fixed quickly it gets worse and can eventually result in sewage overflowing into home drains. Once professionals identify and repair the problem, fixtures work much more efficiently. Routine septic cleaning can keep them that way and prevent new problems.

Homeowners with septic tanks need to schedule routine professional cleaning in order to keep plumbing efficient. Septic cleaning can also prevent or eliminate unpleasant odors caused by inefficient leach fields. In addition, regular service guards against health problems caused by overflowing waste accumulating on the property.

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