What are some of the best drain cleaners?

Many drains will clog because they are forgotten about until they clog and become a problem. The best drain cleaning in Chicago is a regular process which keeps the drains free flowing at all times. One of the simplest forms of regular drain cleaning is when boiling water is poured into the drain openings every week as a regular exercise.

Drains become clogged as a result of a slow but steady buildup of debris in the pipe. The debris is hair, soap scum, grease, toothpaste, etc. These materials can easily attach themselves to the inside of the drain pipes, effectively reducing the diameter of the pipe. Once the pipe is completely plugged, it no longer will drain away the water. As long as your drain pipes are not PVC, them a weekly purging with boiling water will keep them opening and running freely.

When drains eventually start running slow or completely clog, then a good drain cleaning in Chicago is required. Most homes have what it takes to prepare an effective drain cleaner without the need for any harsh or irritating chemicals. If the drain is simply running slow, pour a cup of Sodium Borate, Borax, into the drain followed by four cups of boiling water. After about half an hour, flush the drain with cold running water and it should be cleared.

Another effective remedy for slow running or clogged drains that uses common household products is washing soda dissolved in a couple quarts of very hot water. Once completely dissolved pour the mixture down the drain and let it sit for 20 minutes before flushing with cold running water. Washing soda must not be confused with washing powder which is soap or with baking soda, although they do have similar characteristics. Washing soda is commonly called sodium carbonate.

If your garbage disposal needs a good drain cleaning Chicago, try using two cups of common white vinegar and two cups of water. Freeze this blend in an ice cube tray and whenever the garbage disposal starts to give off an odor; throw a couple of these frozen cubes into the disposal and grind them up. They will help in cleaning the drain as well as keeping them fresh smelling.

There are many commercial drain cleaners available; they are commonly sold in DIY shops, supermarkets and hardware stores. Most of the commercial products used for drain cleaning in Chicago are either chemical or biological. Biological cleaners utilize an enzyme to eat at the build up in the pipe and they are most effective when the clog is hair and soap scum. If the clog is caused by a mineral deposit, then chemical cleaners are superior.

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