How to Spot a Failing Septic System and Septic Tank Cleaning In Seaford DE

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Plumbing


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Properly maintaining your septic system will keep it in good working order for years to come. However, many people do not know how or when to maintain their system. Here are some tips on how to spot a failing septic system and when Septic Tank Cleaning in Seaford DE should be performed.

First, to determine if you have a failing septic system check your drains and toilets. If you have started to notice a foul odor in your home, look for black liquid in your drains and toilets. This black liquid could be built up sewage that is backing into your home. In addition, your drains may drain much slower than usual. This problem will continue even after the use of plungers and products meant to unclog drains. The slow draining is due to a full system and not a clog in the drain.

Outside of your home, you may notice water pooling near the surface of the ground located near your septic tank. This occurs when the system becomes full. A large amount of liquid will move up through the soil and release at the surface of the ground. A properly working system will drain liquid downward into the ground below the tank. This liquid may also have a similar odor to the foul smell you find inside your home.

To help prevent a system from backing up or failing, it is recommended to have the level of your tank checked every year. The average septic tank should be cleaned and pumped every one to three years. A licensed liquid waste hauler will remove the sludge layer at the bottom of the septic tank. Removing the sludge layer, which is the layer where solids and other materials settle at the bottom of the tank, helps to prevent any solids from clogging the system and causing failure.

Properly maintaining your septic system involves periodic checks by a trusted professional. They can assist in determining when your tank needs cleaned and how often it should be inspected to prevent problems. Waiting until you already have a problem can lead to a very uncomfortable home filled with extremely foul odor. Every septic system owner should be proactive in their Septic Tank Cleaning in Seaford DE.

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