Benefits of Using Drain Cleaning in Bellingham WA to Clear Clogged Pipes

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Plumbing


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Many times when a homeowner discovers they have a clogged drain in their home they may spend a good amount of time on trying to fix the problem on their own. Today countless products are designed to assist a homeowner in trying to clear drains that will not drain properly. While some of these products may produce results for a short time, sometimes the problem reoccurs later on. When this happens, the homeowner may need to consider having a service that handles drain cleaning in Bellingham WA come out to work on the pipes in their home.

Over a period of time, pipes in the home may become coated with a layer of hair, grease, soap scum and other organic matter. If this matter is left in the pipes where it continues to accumulate, it can lead to plumbing issues. Drains can clog and water can become backed up. Using traditional clog remedies such as snakes or augers, plungers and other devices may relieve the current clog, but they cannot remove the matter lining the walls of the pipes. To remove this matter, a homeowner will need to contact a service that handles drain cleaning in Bellingham WA.

Most plumbers that handle this type of work will be able to spend time assessing the problems in the pipes. They often will use special cameras that can be fed into the pipe system so that they can actually see where the issues are and if there is matter on the walls that is leading to the problem. If this is the cause then generally the drain cleaning in Bellingham WA will be done by sending high pressured water being through the pipes to collect this matter and push it though the pipes. Most services use hydro-jets in this process.

In addition to the drain cleaning in Bellingham WA, the plumber will also be looking for other types of issues in the pipes that might be the cause of the reoccurring drain issues. Sometimes this can be in the form of tree roots that need to be cut from the pipes with a rooter or it may be a buildup of matter that is wedged far in the pipes of the home. A plumber will be able to find these issues quickly and get the drains cleared so that they do not continue to cause problems.

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