Signs Sewer Repair in Canby is Needed

Living in a location where there is municipal sewer service provided offers a number of advantages for homeowners. This service removes the need for a homeowner to care for a septic tank. However, if sewer service is provided, the homeowner is typically responsible for the sewer links where they are connected at the street.

If sewer system or sewer line is showing signs of trouble, it may be the homeowner who is responsible for the Sewer Repair in Canby. There are a number of issues that can result in sewer line issues. One of the most common issues that occur with sewer lines is the growth of roots from bushes or trees near the line. This can cause clogs and blockages. Another common culprit is waste that is flushed won the toilet, causing a clog. Other signs of an issue are found here.

Fluctuating Levels of Water in the Toilet

A surprising indication of an issue with the sewer line is if the level of water in the toilet bowl fluctuates. If the toilet seems to be normal sometimes and then overly empty or full at other times, this is a clear indication that Sewer Repair in Canby is needed.

Slow Draining Fixtures

Sink or shower drains that seem to be emptying more slowly than they should be another indication of an issue with the sewer line. If a drain is emptying slowly, there are some homeowners who will use a chemical product for the line. Chemical agents can cause more damage to older pipes and introduce these substances to the water supply. Also, this is usually just a temporary solution. Calling for professional service at this point is essential.

Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services offers additional information about getting repairs for a clogged or blocked sewer line and when they are necessary. Being aware of the most common issues can help homeowners call for service in a timely manner. Never let a drain or sewer line issue sit without repair since it will only become worse as time passes and be more expensive to repair down the road.

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