Septic Tank Cleaning & Repair in Chattanooga, TN

Homes in designated rural areas are not always served by city sewage systems. As such, they rely on having a septic tank system on the property instead to collect waste material. Once the waste is in the tank, the waste material decomposes. The septic tank made of plastic, concrete or fiberglass is buried underground. Beyond that is the septic tank’s leach field, indicated by several short pipes sticking up above the ground. In places where there isn’t acceptable clay or sandy soil, the septic tank may be within a mound. As long as the system is used correctly and maintained correctly by a septic tank cleaning & repair, Chattanooga, TN residents should expect the leach field soil to not be damaged.

There is no noticeable difference for the home’s residents. Toilets flush and work as normal. Just like on a city plumbing system, diapers and feminine products cannot be flushed down because they will most probably clog the pipes, and they’ll certainly clog the septic tank. However, every few years, it is a good idea to have a septic tank cleaning & repair. Chattanooga, TN residents must contact a quality company who can assess whether it is time to have the septic tank cleaned out. Homeowners should also take care to throw out animal fats like bacon grease and not let them get down the garbage disposal.

When it comes to septic tank cleaning & repair, Chattanooga, TN residents call a respected company to pump out their septic tank every two to three years. There are a few things that residents may notice that serve as clues that there is a problem in the septic system. The toilets may not flush or they may back up. Outside, residents may notice wet soil in the leach field when the rest of the property is dry. If the system isn’t pumped out every few years, the entire septic system may break down and need to be replaced.

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