Plumbers Can Effectively Clear a Clogged Drain in Buckeye AZ

When a sink or toilet backs up, homeowners often try to fix it with a chemical drain cleaner. However, this can lead to added frustration or even damage to the plumbing. In reality, the homeowner doesn’t know what is causing the clogged drain in Buckeye AZ. Many people don’t realize that tree roots are one of the leading reasons for a clogged drain. Chemical treatments cannot dissolve small plastic children’s toys or metal bottle caps. They may only partially dissolve grease or hair clogs. The harsh chemicals will then sit on the remaining clog. Eventually, they can eat away at the pipes and cause a leak.

Professional plumbers in Buckeye AZ now have small cameras on the end of flexible steel cables. The camera can find any clog and let the plumber see what it’s made of. It also contains a radio transmitter that shows them its exact location. He uses this information to determine the best method to clear the clogged drain in Buckeye AZ. Hydro jetting is one of the fastest and most effective ways to clear a drain. A special nozzle forces water out of a hose at very high pressure. This can clean out almost every type of clog, even tree roots. It’s also very effective for clogs located deep in the plumbing system. If the plumber sees a small plastic toy wedged in a curve, he may decide to use a mechanical claw to pulverize it. This method is effective for clogs within 75 feet of the drain opening. The plumber will use the camera to verify that the drain is cleared.

In addition to clogging drains, tree roots can damage drain pipes. Plumbers used to have to excavate the yard or dig out the foundation to replace them. Today they can use liquid epoxy to reline the pipe as it remains in place. When it dries, it is even stronger than the original pipe. Tree roots will not be able to grow through it. Septic Technologies Inc is one of the Buckeye AZ plumbing companies that provide all of these services. Homeowners can call them for a free estimate or for an emergency appointment.

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