Let Experts Handle Plumbing Needs in Minneapolis

If you’re searching for a company in the Minneapolis area that offers industrial drain cleaning, residential or commercial plumbing, look no further than Drain King, Inc. By providing first-class service to those who own restaurants, hair salons, farms, service stations, motels and hotels, this is a company that has built up an excellent reputation in the city and in the rural areas surrounding it. They clean and unclog drains, install toilets, fix that noisy drip in the kitchen and pump septic tanks. If you’re in need of a company to inspect homes you’ve recently purchased for renovation, log onto the website and fill out the contact form or give them a call.

Frozen or clogged drains are not a problem for the company offering expert Plumbing in Minneapolis. Today, there is new technology available to assist plumbers with finding exactly where a clog is located. Using a video camera inserted into the drain eliminates the need for digging under sidewalks and lawns. Not too very long ago, large machines had to be brought in on huge trucks to dig and find the pipe with the clogged drain. Today, technicians make the process so much easier and faster by using the video camera before digging.

Restaurants are required to have grease traps cleaned regularly because of bacteria growth in foods left behind in the grease. The business can choose to have the company come in and do regular maintenance at the restaurant so that it’s always in compliance with state laws. If drains become clogged, they can be jetted with fast moving water to unclog and cleanse the drain. The company that offers Plumbing in Minneapolis trains their technicians to be experts. Customer service is second to none. Many customers don’t need a drain cleaned or unclogged, but they want their decks, patios, driveways and porches power washed. This is just one example of extra services offered by the company.

They can install septic systems, find clogs right away using the video camera and although, they believe wholeheartedly that clients should sign up for regular maintenance on home and business drains throughout the year, they’re available for those sudden emergencies. They know that sewers and septic systems can back up at unexpected moments. Just click the “leave a message” button and an associate will contact you to set up a service time.


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