Four Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters Springfield, VA Units

One of the newest options in water heaters on the market today are the tankless models. With tankless hot water heaters, your initial investment could be relatively high, but you will save in the long run. Here are some of the benefits of a tankless water heaters Springfield, VA unit.

Compact Size
Many homeowners appreciate tankless water heaters because they take up very little space. These units are very small compared to normal water heaters and they can usually be installed on the side of the house. For homeowners who have a relatively small space, a tankless heater can help clear out an area that can become a storage area in order to open up more floor space in your home.

More Efficient
With a regular water tank heater, you turn on the hot water in the faucet and it takes a short time for it to warm up. That’s because the water stored in the tank is cold. In order for it to come through the faucet warm, the heating element in the tank has to heat it up. Once you are done with the hot water, the remaining amount of hot water that was heated sits in the tank and cools off. It can be costly to constantly reheat the water and increase your utility bills more than necessary each month. With a tankless water heaters Springfield, VA unit, however, the water is quickly heated as it passes through the unit so it’s hot by the time it gets to the faucet. There is no water storage – so it doesn’t heat up water and then store it for a later time.

Saving Money
Since tankless water heaters are more efficient than their huge counterparts, you will save money every month on your heating bill. Since these smaller units are more efficient, it takes less effort and energy to heat the water. Smaller bills mean you can put more money up each month and spend it on more important things.

Less Maintenance
Because of the way tankless water heaters are made, there is very little maintenance that needs to be done on them. Unlike a tank heater that has to be drained and refilled a couple times a year, the tankless heaters are virtually maintenance free. You can go years without needing to do anything in terms of maintaining them which makes them a more convenient option for your household.

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