Finding Plumbers in Chicago

You will likely, at some point, require the services of a plumber.  If you’ve never had to hire one before, it may seem overwhelming at first when you begin your search.  Plumbers are a dime a dozen, but how do you know which ones are the best?  Or which one is the best of the best?  Consider beginning your search now, before you even have a problem, so that should an issue arise you’ll be able to make the call right away.

As is the case in most situations where hiring a complete stranger to do work for you is concerned, asking friends and family first is often a good way to begin your list of potential plumbers—both to keep in mind and which to avoid.  You can also turn to the internet, where information is available in mere seconds.  Search for plumbers who are local to you and then look for reviews.  Take reviews on the internet with a grain of salt, although if a particular plumber has a large number of either satisfied or dissatisfied clients, the reviews are likely to be fairly accurate.

To find legitimate complaints about a particular plumber, you can ask your state’s licensing board, which will also let you know whether the plumbers you are considering are even licensed in your state at all.  Avoid those who are not.  Consider all complaints, if any, carefully.  Not all problems that may arise are due to incompetence.  Sometimes it just falls under the category of “stuff happens”.  Another place to check for complaints is the Better Business Bureau.

Check to see if the plumbers you are considering have websites.  Many will, and good ones will have plenty of information for you to read, including their history, which should include how long they have been in business, what types of services they offer, what their availability is (24 hours is preferable, since bursting pipes and overflowing toilets have no sense of time), and at least a quick list of testimonials from previous clients.  Also check to see what their turnaround time is and if they will provide you with a free estimate.  If all of these things check out, you have likely found a decent plumber and should add him or her to your list.  Keeping a list of at least three plumbers is a good idea, in the event that one might not be able to respond to your call right away.

Remember that having good plumbers lined up just in case is never a bad thing.  If a water source is flooding your home, you’ll want it stopped as quickly as possible before extensive damage is done.  Knowing who to call right away will assist in getting the job done as soon as possible.

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