Environmental Factors That Cause Damage to Pipes in Lake Elsinore, CA

Your plumbing plays an important role in your home. It brings clean, fresh water to your sinks that you can use to drink, cook, bathe, and clean. Without pipes, we would not be living in the advanced society that we have.

As wonderful as pipes are, they weren’t built to last forever. Thus, over time, they will wear out and fail. When that happens, you’ll have to call plumbers in Lake Elsinore, CA, to fix the problem. There are many things that can damage pipes, some of them environmental.


Minerals are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to pipe corrosion. Things such as rust can build up in your pipes and tear them apart. Other things that can build up in pipes and on your fixtures include lime and calcium. Getting these taken care of before they eat through your plumbing is beneficial.


If there is an excessive amount of water in the area, then the water in your pipes has nowhere to go, and the excess water in the environment may cause your pipes to back up into your home. Flooding could also create extra pressure on your pipes, which may lead them to burst.


Heavy rains can could make the ground slick. If the angle is just right, then it could slide downward. If your pipes happen to be buried in the side of the hill, they could be taken with the land.

Preventing Environmental Damage

In some cases, you can’t prevent environmental damage from occurring to your pipes. However, you can call plumbers in Lake Elsinore, CA, to inspect them to ensure that they are in good working order. If they aren’t, they can suggest ways to remedy the situation.

If you need to have your pipes inspected or you have other plumbing issues, contact us at A.M. Plumbing & Rooter or visit our website at www.ampplumbingrooter.com for more information.


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