Common Hot Water Heater Problems

Not every problem with your hot water heater requires it to be replaced. Some issues can be fixed by simple Water Heater Repair in New Haven IN. The following are a few common problems and some of the causes for those problems.

No Hot Water

When the hot water goes out the cause can vary depending on the type of hot water heater you own. Typically for gas water heaters, the problem is usually caused by a faulty gas pilot valve. Another possibility is that the thermocouple is defective and needs to be replaced. For electric the problem usually is caused by a faulty thermostat which prohibits that water from heating up.

Rusty Water

All hot water heaters are equipped with a part called an anode rod. This rod slowly dissolves which keeps the tank and your water rust free. When the rod completely dissolved the rust will then creep its way into your water supply. By replacing the anode rod you can quickly fix this dirty problem.

Stinky Water

If you notice that the hot water from your tank has a bad odor then you probably have a bacterial infection inside of your tank. The bacteria usually feed on the anode rod which produces hydrogen. This problem usually can be fixed by flushing the tank and adding a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to kill off any remaining bacteria.

Water Leak

This is the most serious and potentially damaging problem that you will face involving your hot water heater. This problem can be caused by the temperature and relief valve sticking due to your tank overheating. This can be fixed by replacing the valve. You may also want to reduce the temperature that the thermostat is set on to see it this will solve the leaking problem. If the tank is leaking from a hole or rust spot, replacing the tank will be necessary.

If you need Water Heater Repair New Haven IN, be sure to consult a licensed professional. Trying to fix your on water heater can be dangerous and end up costing you more money than if you were to call in a professional. Browse the site for more details.


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