Benefits of Calling a Company that Handles Repairs to Water Heaters in Rockville

When the water heater in a person’s home stops functioning correctly, it can be very distressful for all members of the household. Hot or warm water is vital in many daily activities and being without it for even a short time period can be annoying and uncomfortable. Because of this, when the unit stops producing hot water, most homeowners will quickly place a call to a company that handles repairs to Water Heaters in Rockville for assistance with the problem.

Repair persons generally will first spend some time verifying that the unit is getting the proper power and/or gas that it needs to operate. Very often, they will then check the pilot light, the pilot control valve and the thermocouples on a gas unit. On an electric unit, they will check the heating element. If any of these components are not working correctly, they will need to be replaced, as this can be the cause of the unit not producing the hot water, as it should.

If these components are working as they should the next thing that a technician from a company that handles repair issues for Water Heaters in Rockville will often do is to flush the unit out. Many times mineral deposits can buildup in the bottom of the water heater. This can result in a thick coating that can prevent the water from heating up, as it should. Flushing the system can often remove this buildup. A repair person will generally turn off the power to the unit and the water as well. They will then attach a hose to the drain valve located at the bottom of the tank and allow the water to drain from the unit. Next, a hot water spigot will be opened in the house so that air can get in to the lines. The cold water will be switched on and water will be allowed to move through the unit until it is clear when it runs out.

Often flushing the tanks will solve the issues that the homeowner is having with the tank. If the tank still does not produce hot water, if the unit is getting close to the end of its life expectancy it may be best to replace the unit. Most technicians will recommend a replacement as it can be expensive to try to perform repairs, which are more extensive to an existing unit.

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