A Slab Leak in Palm Desert CA Can be Fixed to Save Your Home

A leak in a slab foundation can cause numerous problems such as cracks in the slab and movement of the earth. That, in turn, can cause the slab to move enough that the house will begin to show cracks in the walls, around the doors and windows, as well as the outside of the house. Cracks where the walls join the ceiling will be another indication of a slab leak problem. You may also see wet baseboards and hot spots on the slab.

You will likely also notice wet spots in the carpet or the tile grout. This indication or any of the above should prompt you to call the technicians at Slab Leak Palm Desert CA. They have the equipment to inspect the foundation to find the leak. Once the leak is found, the plumbing technician can determine the extent of the leak. For example, is it just a pin hole or is it a larger leak.

If the leak is small enough, an experienced plumber can repair it with a special epoxy which require drilling two small holes in the floor where the leak begins and ends. Jack hammering up the floor is ill-advised because it makes a mess and the floor is likely not going to be the same. Slab Leak Palm Desert CA is experienced in this process.

The best method, although not the easiest, is to reroute the water line from the point of entry in the slab through the walls and on to the point where the water line terminates. This can create a mess for the drywall, but it is a sure fix, and this pipe will note leak in the slab again. This process can be done by the skilled plumbers at Slab Leak Palm Desert CA.

Re-piping using the latest high tech lines, connectors and sealers is the sure way to avoid leaks anywhere. All of the water lines under the slab can be replaced with this system. Slab Leak Palm Desert CA has the skilled technicians to do re-piping. You will not regret doing this if you believe that your builder has not installed the plumbing in the slab correctly, or if you believe the slab is shifting because of soil conditions.

You may want a soil engineer to look at the condition of the soil under your home to make sure that it is not causing a problems with the water lines.


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