What is a PVC Flange?

A flange is a kind of plate or ring used to form a rim on the end of a pipe. There are several kinds of flanges, including a PVC flange for PVC piping and fittings.

Other kinds of flanges besides the PVC flange include a “blind” to cover a pipe end, as well as a “flange joint” used to connect pipes or a “closet flange” used to mount toilets. Common plumbing flanges besides the flange are Surrey, Danzey, York, Warix, Sussex and Essex.

No matter what kind of PVC flange you require, we at Flex PVC can provide the right type and size for your needs from our website. Our skilled sales people are ready to assist you in finding the one that fits your particular issue, whether it be for plumbing or other flange types.

Standards of PVC Flange for the US

All types of PVC pipes have rims that appear as either an inner or outer lip. A flange is used to add to the rim from the external side to make it longer. Each country has its own standards for the sizes of flanges, and the standard for the US are set by the ASA or ANSI. This means the flange’s pressure rating depends on what it’s composed of and what it is supposed to interact with when it is used.

Flanges can also come in several different shapes such as raised, grooved, flat, ring, joint or tongued. Additionally, they come in mainly six kinds of designs. These are composed of the weld neck, slip on variety, blind or the socket weld, threaded and the lap-joint. No matter which of these types you need, we can help you to find it and ensure you are buying the proper equipment for your project or repair.

Installing a Flange

Flanges normally require a way to connect the pipes together or to connect to valves or other surfaces. In order to install the flange, the technician has to make the connection by pressing the two sides together via methods such as threads on a bolt, some sort of clamp or wedge, etc. If needed, some type of gasket or O-ring must be put in-between the two sides to prevent leaks, or a special kind of grease is used for the same purpose.

Whatever the kind of PVC flange or connector needed, the experts at Flex PVC are happy to advise and assist you in buying the perfect component for your needs.


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