Why is one bathroom faucet better than the other?

Gone are the days when a typical bathroom faucet was little more than a rough cast brass or bronze valve that happened to have an outlet. Today, modern Grohe bathroom faucets are beautifully designed and appointed, available in different materials, finishes and styles. When you reach a point in your project, whether it be building a new home or renovating the bathroom of your current home, you are spoiled for choice with bathroom faucets and matching fittings.

Falling in love with a specific faucet set is not enough reason to buy it, more than anything, it must be practical. Imagine if the faucet was far too low in relation to the sink, it would make hand washing difficult, conversely, if the neck of the faucet is too high above the bottom of the sink the water will splash all over the counter and up on the mirror. There is no reason not to get Grohe bathroom faucets that are perfect for the installation.

If finite control over the water temperature is important, two handled faucets are recommended. Although temperature control can be done with a single handled faucet, it may not be as accurate as you wish. What is nice about single handles faucets is their sleep appearance.

There are three common designs available for bathroom faucets. A basin which is becoming very popular is a clear or colored glass bowl which sits atop a vanity surface. The appropriate faucet for this sink arrangement is one where the handles are mounted on the vanity and the stem is tall enough to reach comfortably over the elevated bowl. A traditional inset sink can use either surface mount faucets or wall mounted faucets.

There is obviously more than just the sink to be concerned with when choosing bathroom faucets. The bathtub is equally as important and here you may find one more wrinkle, the shower. Many homes today are fitting a flexible shower rather than a fixed head shower, they both require different plumbing. In most cases, if the tub is fitted with a shower, the faucet and faucet controls will be wall mounted, this arrangement allows for control whether sitting or standing.

With nostalgia always something that is of interest to designers, claw foot tubs and Victorian faucets make a wonderful combination. These are absolutely ideal in brass when the other accessories are gold colored.

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