Get a Steady Supply of Hot Water With Quality Water Heater Repair in Winfield IL

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Plumbing


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Most people spend their lives using heated water for a variety of tasks without ever worrying about details such as appliance maintenance or any required repairs when the unit breaks. The complexity of the water heaters will vary with the type of appliance in question. There are two basic types of water heaters, and each type has two basic models. The primary types are tank storage units and tankless or flash heating systems. These two types are then separated by the fuel they use, electricity or natural gas/propane. Because of this variety, it is useful to contact an expert when it is time for Water Heater Repair in Winfield IL.

A water heater can fail in various ways. One of the more common of these problems is a leak in the tank or piping. This type of problem usually develops after the appliance has been in use for several years. Leaks tend to take a while before they become a problem. This issue usually starts with small spots of corrosion that eat away at the metal of the tank. To reduce this problem, most manufacturers use a galvanized steel tank. However, to increase the life of the tank it is also possible to buy one with a liner.

There have been numerous discussions on which type of tank liner is better, glass or cement, but this is often a preference that is best left to the owner. The differences are generally subtle since both linings coat the inside of the tank very well. The major problem with glass is that it may not cover all seams properly which could result in corrosion around the exposed seams. Cement liners tend to be preferred because not only do they reduce the chance of corrosion, but they can also hold heat longer.

Gas-based water heaters are often the most difficult Water Heater Repair in Winfield IL. This can be due to several factors such as proper exhaust and fresh air induction. However, one of the most common problems with gas-based water heaters is the pilot system. Older pilot lights used a tiny supply of fuel to keep a small flame burning. This flame then lights the burner as required. Many modern systems use an electronic pilot unit to provide better efficiency and a more reliable ignition. Visit Journeymen Plumbing and Sewer LLC for more information.

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