Common Indicators That May Indicate The Need For Professional Drain Cleaning Services In Ferndale, WA

by | Aug 24, 2018 | plumbing-repairs


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The plumbing system of a home or commercial facility provides a steady stream of clean water and ensures that any waste is channeled into a septic tank or municipal sewer system. Exit pipes are designed to provide for the free flow of water and other debris, but there are times when issues may arise that warrant the assistance of a professional. If a person notices any of the following, they should contact a licensed plumber so the experts may perform Drain Cleaning Services in Ferndale WA.

Slow Drain Performance

Sinks and other plumbing appliances with drains should send water shooting out through the main sewer pipe, but if a person notices that the water is exiting more slowly than usual, it is likely due to a clog. A plumber will utilize a camera attached to the end of a snake device, which will allow them to determine the exact location and cause of a drainage issue. In some instances, the operation of a plumbing system will be restored in as little as one hour.

Sewage Ponding

The liquid in a sewage line is not under pressure and will follow the path of least resistance. If there are holes in the pipe, those leaks may cause any sewage to escape into the ground and lead to the presence of ponding on the surface. Not only is it unsightly, but human waste contains a plethora of harmful elements and, if left unchecked, may cause a property owner to violate local health and safety codes.

Sewage Backup

The biggest nightmare a property owner faces is the potential of a sewage backup, which occurs when waste is no longer able to flow through the main sewer line and enters a building through the drain with the lowest elevation. A plumber that provides Drain Cleaning Services in Ferndale WA will have the tools to determine if an issue such as a tree root is causing the blockage and will remove it once and for all.

Choosing to ignore plumbing issues will only lead to frustration and headaches in the future. Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc. provides 24/7 service and will help restore operation of a plumbing system promptly. Visit their website to learn more or call today and schedule a drain cleaning appointment without delay. Like us on Facenook.

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